ive got cringe ocs!

Im going to force you to look at all of tnem. at gunpoint.

i have an a mostly origional apocalypse story with mostly unnammed charecters and places!

i do a bunch of discord rps with my friends which you can find here, here, or here



comingg up with names is hard :( I havent implemented a chatbox anywhere yet but when i do pleeeeaaaseee send me names of anythinng im so bad with them.

the basic concept is this: the world ends. how specifically isnt super important for the plot but i do have world bilding about it.

the story follows a group of people doing their best to survive nad dealing with. surprising aftereffects

go here for wordbuilding ive done, fover here for charecter profiles, or for actuall writing ive done with it here



No one knows exactly what happened.even if they did its not like it coud spread beyond a person annd their local group without internet, post, travel, theres only so much space on a wll for one tp scribble on. Heres what we do know:

  • all powerplants have stopped working worldwide. batterys still work. sustainable nergy like solar power should work, logically, but when you look at the wires theyve become covered in this... black goop.
  • it happnd in the middle of a war. not quite large scale anough to reach "ww3" or "bring out the bombs" level, but large enough to become a serious concern for most people
  • for some people, things have started to feel.. diffrent. Not immediately, its been several months since the origional incident but. do you ever feel like someone is watching you? Imagine that, but it was inside of you
  • (set pretty much in modern day. think of it as an alternate history type thing. i dont want to get too scifi with it but i also didnt want iit to be "nuclear war the end" or "zombies the end" so) (also people are starting to develop personality-themed powers, only in people who are really extreme with it though)

    so who actually survives here? Then what happens?(not ordered in any way)

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    Charecter profiles

  • Savannah Ridge (she/her) type of hoe who thinks she’ll die before 30, experiecing midlife crisis at 19, into body mods, into scaring kids and their pearl-clutching parents with said body mods, into everybody's worried about owen & ajj, probably has at MINIMUM 3 undiagnosed mental illnesses. after The Change she just kinda assumed the world was over and did what ever the fuck she wanted, looting, smashing windows, etc. Whos gonna stop her??? also she’s trans. obviously. what do you take me for an amatur.
  • Ama Itai (coff/he/fey) Savannah's ex-friend from childhood. It's not that they didn't wantto stayy on touch, its just that, sometimes these things happen. Coff's probably still out there. She hopes. He was always just better than she was, fey was good at everything, smart,pretty,frienly. Coffee house is on the other side of the country now, so its not like we'll be seeing him at any point in the story. (me when a charecter haunts the narrative 😳)
  • Shana Cai (Ve/ver/veir) obligatory aspec charecter <3 the one who organizes the found family and forces everyone to experience cgarecter development. while ve leave ver own mental health at the wayside until it relults explosively. willlow owl house in a cooler font.
  • others but they dont have names so they dont get pages of their own. yet.
  • really bad worldbuilding scenes



    wtf is happening who tf are these guys

    content warnings/catagories will be put like this:

    (implied suiside) (long as shit) (talk of abandonment) (ooc analysis) etc.

    I'm in. (Implied suicide) (long as shit)

    Shana can hear music coming from above ver, faintly, it sounds like it’s coming from someone’s phone speaker, ve can even make out a few lyrics.

    I'm wasting away but I guess it's kinda my fault
    You only get in what you put back
    Euphoric styled self-indulgence
    Live a movie, life is hard
    Consequences only matter if
    You have a plan to get far~

    Ve looks up, only to see a girl sitting on top of a nearby billboard(How the hell did she get up there??) with long black hair, tank top, baggy pants, and a yellow beanie, and- are those ribbons wrapped around her arms? She downs the last of a soda can, crushes it, before chucking it over the side and smacks Shanna directly in the face.

    "OW. Acghhhhh" Ve rubs at ver nose, which ve heavily suspects might be bleeding.
    The girl pokes a head over the edge, “Sorry.” She does not sound that sorry.
    “NO WORRIES!” Ve yells up,
    “What was that? Sorry I can hear you! Whoops!”

    Shana grits ver teeth, this isn’t the first time ve’s met someone stubbornly ignoring ver, and ve hopes it won’t be the last. The building closest to ver should be tall enough to at least get on the same level as her hight wise, then ve can worry about that part when ve gets there. 5 stories and several minutes later, ve is standing on top of a building.

    “Hey! Can you hear me now!”
    “JESU- w. Why?!”
    “I’ll take that as a yes?”
    Ugh. Yes. What do you want? You can’t threaten me, I don’t fear death.”

    … Is that a joke? She looks really deadpan saying it. …Oh poor kid.

    “I- what? No! I’m not here to threaten you I just want to talk!”
    “You know threats are usually ver-“
    “I KNOW what threats are! Come here!”

    She seems to consider this for a moment.

    “Whatdo you got?”
    “I ran outta chips and i’m to lazy to go raid a vending machine. What kinda food do you have on you.”

    Shana rummages around in ver pockets.

    “Uhhhhh- A granola bar?”
    “The good kind?

    Ve’s getting a bit annoyed at this now, “The hell does that mean??"
    “Does it have chocolate chips?”
    “Kay deal. Coming over.”

    She kicks the short ladder on the side up and extends it just enough so that it can safely rest on the ledge of the building. She sticks her arms out and balances like she’s on a tightrope as she walks down her makeshift ramp, doing a jump that almost kicks the ladder off at the end. She sticker her hand straight out.


    Now that she’s closer to Shana, ve notices a few more things about her appearance. The first, and most obvious, is that those ribbons aren’t around her arms, they’re in them, woven through hoops pierced through her arms like pink satiny shoelaces. Speaking of piercings, she had a lot. A pair of spiked snakebites under her lip, two rings in her left nostril, a tiny moon and star shaped one above both her cheeks, not even mentioning the many, many on her ears. On her right ear it looks like there’s just a triangular notch just, missing, so that’s something! She also has green, catlike eyes, literally. There are slits for pupils. Contacts probably? Hopefully? God ve hopes so.

    She unwraps the granola and takes a bite, talking with her mouth full, “So, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?”

    Does she have a forked tongue. Does she have fangs. Is she even human, holy shit.

    “Well, first of all, what’s your name?”
    “Hi No! I’m Shana ve/ver/veir an-““Cut the crap, what do you *want* from me?”
    Boy, She’s a nice one, isn’t she? “I don’t- want anything from you. Your the first person I’ve seen in weeks!”
    “Yeah same here. And i don’t believe it.”
    This is going to be hard. “I just want to help yo-“
    “Ha! Knew it,” she eats the other half of the granola, “Sorry, continue.”
    “… As I was saying, i’ve been looking for other survivors, on our own we’ll probably starve or get hurt but if we pool our efforts togethe-
    “Not interested.”
    “I won’t starve.”
    “How can you be so sure?”
    “If I ever run out,” She makes a finger gun and points it at her head. She shrugs, looking almost pleased.

    Shanna stares in stunned silence. Ve can’t let that happen, “Well, I have lots of food so-“
    “Don’t care.”
    “And a fresh water source is close b-“
    “More of a soda gal myself,”
    “And I have plenty of spare beds so,” She actually doesn’t interrupt at that one, “Everyone will be able to have their own room and personal space, at least for a while.”

    Ve waits for her to make a snide remark, but it never comes.

    “Like- good beds?”

    Holy shit. Ve’s getting through to her. “Yes! Yes, they are I took the mattresses from a furniture store nearby and dragged them the whole way th-“
    “Alright, you’ve won me over,” She tosses the wrapper at Shana and starts walking.
    “But- i-“
    “Sleeping in trees is giving me back pain. I refuse to have back pain at in my early 20s, thats for old people.” she streaches, and leans against the wall next to the door that leads back down the stairs, "You coming or nah?"

    …What, the hell? No, no. Ve shakes ver head, It doesn’t matter why it just matters that she won’t hurt herself or anyone else. Ve can start getting into the specifics when ve knows her better. Speaking of,” I still don’t know your name!”
    “Savannah. She/her.”


    Abandoned Depths SMP

    Minecraft rp but on discord. "doesnt that make it a discord rp???" explain the CREEPERS then DUMBASS. not. really related to the dsmp like at all the names was a joke aronym that stuck

    so yeah. bunch of guys discover an abandoned civilization/ruins and decide to make it their home. we gave a tiny pig chilid a god complex. and then abandonment issues. i'll admit we proprobably fell victim to spectacle creep here and there but fuk u it was fun.

    you can check out:my charecters or fanfic

  • Rivers (he/xe) blatent self insert. Hes gender! Xes violent!Hes stupid! I accidently gave xem depression! What more could you want in a man? my sillest little tim stoker kinnie. also he died and now has a manipulative fucker who likes shiny rocks as a ghost
  • Samuel Hall (he/she bounty hunter with a ~mysterious past~ that I change the lore for every other week. Has a cat named spike. obligatory onw with abandonment issues
  • Michi (any) inspired by a shen comic. owns a pawn shop but like. if pawn shops were just the aesthetic and without the expoloititive buisness practices. You definitely shouldn't sell anything to her its just not on purpose on his part. or buy anything for that matter. actually just maybe keepp a safe distance away from any mmagically appearing shops . still a funky little guy though! soooo funky
  • non-cannon writing abt it


    Kings In The Corner

    like 20 different people wake up in the forrest mysteriously and get told that they are now all competing in a compitition to become the Ace of their suit because the govermnet here is themed around a card deck. Robots become friends with greek gods. A backrooms oc becomes a drug warlock. A normal human being gets turned into a homestuck troll and its a metaphor for being transgender. And in the center of it all: me. playing a centrist guy who glows sometimes. kitc is fuckinginsane and I love it so much. Since were only alowed one charecter at a time and I dont have the courage to write fanfic (yet) this is entirely dedicated to the various aus made of my character page. and there are SOOO many aus. au sever my beloved.



  • Kitc!Page (He/They): [clientSettings: Innocent: 100%, Submissive: 100%, Gullible: 100%, Geniune: 100%]
  • highschool!Page (He/Him): [clientSettings: Innocent: 115%, Submissive: 80%, Gullible: 75%, Geniune: 125%]
  • Myth!Page (He/It): [clientSettings: Innocent: 55%, Submissive: -5%, Gullible: 30%, Geniune: 145%]
  • atla!Page (He/Xe/Fir): AKA: General Page. [clientSettings: Innocent: 60%, Submissive: 10%, Gullible: 15%, Geniune: 85%]
  • swap!Page (He/They): [clientSettings: Innocent: 40%, Submissive: -65%, Gullible: 5%, Geniune: 200%, Violence: 170%]
  • wayfarers!Page (It/Its): [clientSettings: Innocent: 125%, Submissive: 200%, Gullible: 100%, Geniune: 50%]
  • kid!Page (They/Them): [clientSettings: Innocent: 110%, Submissive: 0%, Gullible: 5%, Geniune: 200%]