Moving Out

(Fluff) (Poly) (Clara) (Truama mention)

Poly stood outside their house, trying to take in the two story building star had built with z’s own hands for the last time. They almost didn’t notice when Clara had come up behind star.
“You ready to go?” Xe asked

Poly held their hoof, running zs thumb over xyr soft fur, “Yeah, just-“ They paused, sighing, still looking at the cottage and not stars partner, “processing, I think.”

The two of them had packed as many belongings as they could into a handful of skulker boxes, which they both held now.

“Lots of memories here,” Clara leaned into Poly, whose clothes smelt of wet dirt and freshly baked bread, “Some good…”
“Some bad,” Poly finished, quietly.
Both of them tried to not think of those, and failed.

“That’s why we’re leaving, yeah?” Clara said, breathlessly, bringing their hands up in front of their faces, giving a gentle squeeze to zs free arm with xyrs “You’ve probably got a big fancy therapist word for it, I’d bet.”

Poly chuckled, pretending to think for a bit, “Hmm… Removing ourselves from the source of the trauma?” they offered.

“There you are!” Xe said, not at all hiding the fondness that seeped into their words, “That’s my partner.” xe stood on their toes in order to plant a kiss on stars cheek.

Poly blushed, grateful for the paper bag as zs ears and shoulders turned an intense gray-blue.

Clara started detailing their new life together as they waited for z to collect themselves, “Somewhere fertile, so we can have a garden out back. Maybe a new biome as well, I’ve always wanted to travel new places- I heard there’s Cherry trees out north now, do you think it’s true? Secluded, but not too much so,” Poly had calmed down, was now just listening intently, admiring the way Clara’s eyes looked off into the middle distance as if xe could really see everything, leaning their head into their shoulder, “We’ll visit back here of course, maybe we can help Koit take care of Owen, even. And they’ll still be problems but they’ll be normal problems, Poly! We’ll worry about who does the dishes, and the spider that keeps crawling on our roof, and-“

“We’ll live out the rest of our lives… Together.”