april 7th, 2023

OKAY so I know this sounds crazy but I SWEAR its all true I have pictures to prove it so yesterday i did the post and went back to doing stuff but I coulnt stop thinking about the "dream" and I was outside when I opened it right? and there are cameras so I checked the cameras and IT WASN"T A DREAM!!!!!!!! SO THATS AMAZING RIGHT BUT THENN I WAS LIKE "OH I HAVE LESS THAN 24 HOURS TO PREPARE NOW" SO I PACKED AND YADAYADA YADA AND THEN I WOKE UP HERE!!! I have proof okay im not crazy look everone gets sorted into thana or the green ones I forget their name annd have hand symbols look its real and theres a gate made out of bones and it leads to a whole other dimension with a spooky castle I took pictures of all of it its real I was chosen by a god to come here this is litterally exactly what i wanted its like a magical fantasy world it is a magical fantasy world GUYS!! I dont think I fully proccessed it until just now writing it down how insane it all is. I got put into Thana who's like the god of death? Theres The Executioner who's the "leader" I think as well as The Mortician who's insane and blorbo material. She's the executioners second in command I think vi is very cool, and then there's this little kid who looks like an alien named Altair- I normally dont like kids but hes just the cutest I can't help it!! Also they think fish can read and when I told him they didnt they started crying so I'm nott super sure what to make of that. the thana people arent supposed to like the green guys but idk why, aparently there was a war or something but theyve truced now?? rest assured I WILL be keeping you all updated this is so crazy and cool and magic I need to rember all of it so It can become a book adaptation one day or something