longing for other worlds

april 6th, 2023

GOD. I really need to sleep more clearly. I mustve passed out while studying or something and not even noticed I just halucinated some mail dissapearing in my hands :P it was so vivid too its kinda creepy lol, said i had 1 day to prepare or something? I lost the real, not-dream version of the letter to so I guess Ill never know what it actually said. hope it wasnt anything important!

In other news!
ive been listening to cavetown on LOOP this week so as you can see I am just the picture of mental health. Ignore the fact I haven't cleaned my room in months im doing great you guys. it sounds cliche but I just want to go home even though... I am? maybe its just an empty tumblr-ism but i just dont feel like i belong here. I shouldve been summoned on some magical adventure by now!! I deserve a homoerotic rivalry with a big strong sword lady!! God is litterally so mean to me- :0 MAYBE THATS WHAT THE DREAM WAS REPRESENTING?? im no phycoligist idk. It got me thinking about what I would do in that situation I guess?? What would you guys do if you had 24 hours to prepare before... something- talk about it in the comments! Ill read as many as I can