april 14th, 2023

Week one complete! we've all been settling in down here, and ive gotten to meet some of the other- canidates...? draftees? whoever we all are. Alot of people have been talking about being homesick which- makes sense I guess?? I feel like I should be feeling like that but the excitement still hasn't wared off yet for me. Too much to explore! To do! Brain full of bees! To many bees and not enough room to miss things!! :D Scully (this cool dude who types and acts like a boomer but can only be like, 5 years older than me tops from the look of him) asked Executioner if we could send more of those dissapearing letters we got to our families and friends
its a cool concept i guess but also like- why lol? :P what would you even need to say- Besides, I don't need letters, I have you guys!

Also everyone here is from diffrent worlds which is SO COOL! Fathom is from SPACE. hes also from a capitalist hellscape from the like 3 things theyve told us but come ON! SPACE! everyone in thana seems to be from a humanish world so far? or everyone ive met. Scully, Dew, Neil, Phia and Rodrigo- Seralia has a spider lady (Anara) two people who are purple (eponomy and Archie) plus fathom and others and i dont want to be weird but I also want to know everything about them very badly- curse you social anxiety!!
Phia and Rodrigo actually have a youtube channel of their own where they do ghost hunting called VAPOREONS, its some big acronym for something i don't know I think ive seen some of their videos before though small world(s) I guess Lol :P

Executioner thinks the internet is sentient and tabs die when you close them and that a mouse is a petrified mouse fed through a tube
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Me and a bunch of of other peeps did a cool rock hunt in the thana courtyard cause executioner said there were just- gems- on the ground- wherever- AND WAS SOMEHOW RIGHT??? I guess gems can't be that valuable here since anyone can walk in and take some- i guess that would sort of explain why we dont have to pay for anything? Neil threatened to eat me- Good times all around!